All Those Years Ago – George Harrision

“I Adhere to My Own Set of Rules”
All Those Years Ago – George Harrison

“Because I say so!” yells my Mom.

It’s nineteen sixty something, although it could be anytime between sixty five to eighty.

That phrase was usually barked at me when I challenged the rules one too many times.

As a parent you make rules for your children to either keep them safe or in hopes of molding them into a responsible adult.

As a child and even young adult the process of discovering who you are is by challenging those rules and making some of your own.

It is an age old battle that has been waging since Og told caveboy not to play with fire to today when I tell my grandson not to put the dog’s ear in his mouth.

In the end we eventually will make our own set of rules. Some us will do it with burned fingers and others will have hair in their mouth. But they are our rules.

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