And Appetites a Human Vice I’m Guilty Of

And appetites a human vice I’m guilty of – Melanie

It’s 1980 something and my new wife is once again indulging me by going to a concert at The Great Southern Music Hall.

“Who are we seeing?” Kathie asks for as we make our way downtown to the concert.

“Melanie, I say while plugging in a cassette tape into the dash so she can hear some of Melanie’s tunes. “You know, the I’ve Got A Brand New Pair of Roller Skates gal.”

“I remember that song, she replies but I didn’t know she had done much else besides that. Wasn’t that back in the early seventies”

“Actually, she has a newer album out, that’s what’s playing now.” hoping that Kathie won’t be too turned off by the sounds coming out of my quadriphonic sound system.

The song that plays is Bon Appetite, the lyrics even then held a special place in my heart.
“I always ask for a thicker slice
I like my drinks with lots of spice
And appetites a human vice I’m guilty of
I never toss my salad lightly
Never travel under ninety
Always do a little more than I’ve got time for”

Little did I know that much of my adult life would be and still is exemplified by those lyrics.

As know may know I have been working on losing weight for a few months now. Thinking of those lyrics you can see that with that mindset weight control and good health is an uphill fight much of the time. 12-inch pizza, heck no let’s get the 16 inch. “Who in the world is a pint container of ice cream made for?” I would wonder as I pull out the half gallon container from the Publix freezer.

In the computer world, and more recently in many everyday life situations people are looking for a “hack” A computer hacker is someone that figures out a way around a problem that typical programmers wouldn’t think of trying. Life hackers look for ways to make a task or some other life challenge easier to solve or at least deal with.

The real challenge is once we set a routine to then figure out a hack that will work for us when we are out of our environment. As Hamlet said, “And therein lies the rub.”

Again, Kathie is supporting me one hundred percent regarding my diet. We eat at home most of the time now because I can control how food is prepared and the quality of the meat and vegetable I put into my body. With that being said, I want to be able to go out to dinner with my wife (read girlfriend) so we can enjoy a night on the town. So how do I hack that?

I have a two-fold approach. First I keep in mind the overarching goal. Not just weight loss but also overall good health so that when I’m old I can still enjoy a date night with my gal. But, willpower is often fleeting.

My second approach is to know ahead of time where we are going and then go online to see what options are available to me. A little planning goes a long way. I can see what they have, the nutritional information many times and know what I will order before I even step in the joint.

I’ve taken out the guesswork and more importantly the urge to splurge.

Real estate can be a bit like that. Plan and execute and keep emotions or willpower to a minimum.

Live, Love Matter


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