And The Winner Is…

Award shows mean fancy clothes and the emotions of the winners, it all seems so exciting. Seeing the artists win their award.

One award that I keep an eye on at the Grammy’s is the Best New Artist.

It is a one-time kind of award. An artist can have several Best Album or even Artist of the Year, but Best New Artist can happen only once. One chance when they first get started in the business and then poof, no longer available to them.

Usually, it is a fresh-faced artist that seems to have burst on the scene and this year it was no different.  Alessia Cara a petite twenty-one-year-old took the stage for the 2018 Best New Artist. 

But is Alessia an overnight success?  Born in Canada she began playing guitar at the age of ten. By her thirteenth birthday, she was on YouTube performing cover songs.

The YouTube videos came to the attention of Tony Perez of EP Entertainment. Tony’s daughter who forced him to watch Alessia’s videos.

With his help and that of others, Alessia has honed her craft. So much so that a whole industry recognizes her accomplishment.

Image, eleven years of practicing, of pushing to learn the chords, the melodies, and nuances of performing at a high level. So high, that she mounts the stage last night to accept this once in a lifetime acknowledgment of her hard work.

As with the case of Alessia Cara, this so-called overnight success story is anything but. This is true when it comes to marketing your home.

When making the choice to sell you must also make the choice to do the work to make the home attractive to a buyer.

I use a Documented Approach that gives you the system to successfully get the most for your house.

I know that instead of treating your home like a commodity we must position it like a Fortune 500 company. We must attract the most clients, so we can get the most value for it like a sought after stock.

Preparing the home won’t happen overnight but it won’t take eleven years. The result is that you will walk away with an award of your own. And you only get one chance at that.

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