You Want To See What??   2017-03-08


Music has been a big part of my life and fortunately my wife, Kathie, shares my interest in music.  Sometimes our taste in music is not the same but often we compromise.  I will listen to her favorite artist and she will listen to mine.  It has been a good arrangement throughout the years.

Living in Orlando there is often an opportunity to catch live acts at one of the many venues in the city.  The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, Hard Rock, House of Blues, The Amway Center, even the venerable Bob Carr Performing Arts Center.  Disney has their Garden Festival and Food and Wine Festival where they bring in musical acts.  Universal has Mardi Gras.  There is never a lack of musical entertainment in Orlando.

There are times when, being the good husband, I end up at a concert I would never expect to attend.  Sometimes it is at my suggestion as I know the type of music Kathie likes.  One of the first times this happened was for our anniversary.  Kathie has always been a big Barry Manilow fan.  Well he came to town to the Bob Carr and yours truly purchased tickets to see one of her teenage heart throbs.  Quite frankly, I was dreading the evening of syrupy music.  I could only imagine sitting through Mandy, It Looks Like We Made It, I Write The Music and other diabetic inducing offerings.  Then it happened.  I didn’t mean it for it to but sometime during that concert I found myself singing along with Barry.  I must admit the man puts on a good show and of course the show stopper was the Copa Cabana.  Both of us were dancing in the aisles.   That concert took place sometime in the 1990’s.

Flash forward to last night and this time my kids, Jessica and Matthew, at my suggestion purchased tickets to see Richard Marx at The Hard Rock.  Once again there was a slight twinge of regret thinking of sitting through a couple of hours of 1990s soft rock.  It was just Richard Marcs playing his guitar or piano, no backup singers or accompaniment.   Something interesting I found out was that Mr. Marx has written a bunch of tunes that became hits for other artists such as Luther Vandross, N’Sync and Keith Urban.  Kathie, of course, loves all of his songs.  In fact, she was able to sing along to every single one he played last night.  I knew a couple of his hits and once again, this artist puts on a good show.  All in all, it was a good night.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have dragged Kathie to see such acts as Melanie, Leo Kottke, Davie Jones and a few I’m sure she would just rather not have attended.  I have found that in life and in business often a good compromise can go a long way.  As long as the parties involved are for the most part happy with the deal everyone can have a good experience.

Make it a great day!   All the best!!    Rex