Bonfire Heart – James Blunt

“Son, who do you think wrote your name on the back of the house?” My Dad asks as we sit on the back porch of our Maitland home. It’s 1960 something and I thought I could get away with blaming Jon the neighbor boy next door.

“I don’t know, maybe Jonny did it.” I say bold-faced and thinking I could put one over on my old man. Never in my short life had I seen my Dad move as fast as he did that day.

With the fluid motion of Neo from the Matrix, Dad was up out of the chair, he bent down grabbed my ankle and had me upside down, suspended in air, dangling while beating the tar out of my backside. I can remember to this day the beating I took.

Later that day, with my bottom still stinging, I was informed that not only was he upset with the fact that I had lied to his face but that I had blamed the dirty deed on my boyhood friend.

Why had I lied? Was I trying to get out of a beating? The one I took I’m sure was worse than the one I was going to get in the first place. Did I think that blaming Jonny would sound credible? What was my motivation?

I am fascinated with the subject of motivation. Often when I read or watch the news, I wonder “What motivated that person to do take that action?”

When the report about the Turpin’s came out, you know the couple that held their thirteen children hostage for years. I was curious what would make someone do that? Some say “they wanted to protect their children from the outside world.” Others report that the Mother was into witchcraft and the occult that she was “Selling her soul to the devil.”

In politics, I also wonder about motivation. “Why would a billionaire, a non-politician, want to be President?” It looks to me his life and that of his family would be much easier had he not aspired to that position. President Trump could be playing golf, with his grandchildren, enjoying the fruits of his labor at the age of seventy-two.

Whether you agree with him or not, I think most of us would agree that had he known the scrutiny he going through was coming he would have opted for the golf course.

In daily life, I constantly check in with my motivation. Some days are clearer than others.

I have narrowed my focus down to four areas. Body, Relationships, Mind, and Business

In term of my body, I am exercising more and eating better. As I creep ever closer to sixty, I realize that what I do today affects how I live my twilight years. I want to be surrounded by grandchildren as we play in the backyard. Unencumbered with the need for a walker or wheelchair.

In my relationships, with my wife and children, I am motivated to be a better husband and father. In my life as an entrepreneur, I have the time flexibility to take care of them when they need my help.

In my mind, I have the ability to expand my knowledge with easy access to books, video’s courses online. We are in a time were access to experts in any field is unprecedented. I take advantage of that whenever I can.

In my business, I continue to grow through my association with my group of Story Athletes. I participate in Impact Club a group that helps others create a movement to improve their communities through elevated philanthropy.

What is my overarching motivation? To be a better person than when I started out writing my name on the back of my parent’s house and blaming my friend. As the song goes..

People like us—we don’t
Need that much, just some-
One that starts,
Starts the spark in our bonfire hearts

Live, Love Matter

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