Careless Whispers – George Michael

It’s nineteen-eighty something and people at Jessica’s daycare are amazed.

Jessica was able to move up to the bigger kid room because she was potty trained at an earlier than normal age.

“How did you guys do it?” one of the parents asked with an exasperated voice. “I think I’m going to be changing my kid’s diapers until they are ten-years-old. You guys are like the Potty Training Whisperers.

The funny thing is that our success in potty training came out of frustration.

Jessica had a habit of if needing to go number two, standing in the doorway to the bathroom grabbing the door jam while clenching her legs as tight as she could. She looked like Jane Fonda on steroids. Intense buttock pinches that could have put the Buns of Steel people to shame.

Finally, when the lactic acid in her glutes was too much to bear she would “release and go.” It looked and I’m sure was painful, to say the least.

Now, this was back in the day before the web was prevalent so we had to do research the hard way. Go to Walden Bookstore or go to the library. Do our research.

There were books for the parents, there where books for the kids. “The Potty Book” was a favorite. All the literature at the time dealt with getting the child to sit on the potty and wait for the blessed event.

I don’t know about your kids but, mine were to busy playing with blocks and the playdough to be bothered with sitting on the toilet for what seems like an hour before getting the urge.

I knew with Jessica it was going to be a “caught in the act” kind of scenario.

After five days of this repeated gluteus maximus extravaganza, I had a revelation. It seems so simple now but it was like once Edison discovered the first successful lightbulb. Many days of experimentation with marginal results and then eureka!

I thought, “What if a grab her, rip off the diaper, put her on the commode while applying slight pressure on her hips to get her to flex? Would that help this poor little baby girl have an easier time of it?”

The next time I saw her have a death grip on the door jam, I sprang into action. It was a ninja-like move.

Grab, strip, pressure to the hips and set on the toilet all in one fluid movement. The result was immediate.

The look on her face of relief, amazement, and gratitude brought a smile to both our faces.

Once Jessica realized that if she “went with the flow” instead of fighting the process, she would be able to go on with her playtime.

Looking for solutions that might be non-textbook methods is part of what I do to get the desired result. Try and apply.

Because in this case, I didn’t want to see my little girl suffer.

Live, Love, Matter

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