Clear Cool Water – Sons of the Pioneers

Never would I have thought a glass of water would have cost so much, but it did.

Sunday morning and I am sticking to my daily routine. Turn on the coffee pot, start my reading for the day while the coffee brews and then figure out what my story for the day will be.

As the coffee finishes brewing I pour a cup and sit down at the kitchen table to turn on my laptop. I’m lucky living in Florida, our kitchen looks out onto our pool. The pool has fountains that have a meditative effect on my mind.

When I struggle for words sometimes a short unfocused stare at the dancing water gives me clarity of thoughts. Weird.

As I continue to work on my story the text message alert on my phone goes off. It’s the doorbell sound from the Jetsons. “I thought I turned that thing off,” I chastise myself. I have been working on focus and setting time aside for diligent concentration on the task at hand.

The text was a reminder from my cell phone provider that the auto bill is about to go through with the amount of the bill. At a quick glance, I see the bill is double the normal amount. “What?” my mind races “how can that be?”

Again breaking my own rule to myself, I call the cell phone company to find out what is going on. It ends up they had billing problems the month before and were getting caught up.

Getting back to my real purpose, which was to complete my story of the day, I finish up my coffee and pour a big glass of water. I have one of those thirty-ounce insulated cups and I fill it up to the top.

Settling down at the kitchen table I have to reread what I wrote. “Why did I let the phone interrupt my flow?”, I rebuke myself once again. It is taking me a while to get back into that creative state. “I’ll stare at the waterfall in the pool,” I coach myself, “That will get me there.”

As I blankly stare at the water waiting for inspiration to hit, it happens. I can’t believe I just did what I just did.

As I sit transfixed on the pool and grabbing my big tumbler of water, I miscalculated the distance between my hand and the cup. Like a slow-motion sequence from an action movie, I see the full cup of water deluge onto the keyboard of my beautiful purple HP laptop. And just like the movies in slow-motion, I yell “Nooooooooo!” followed by a rush of cursing.

It is a blur after that. Kathie comes running into the room thinking the call I had recently completed had upset me. Quickly realizing I had dumped the water on the computer she grabs paper towels as I pound on the power button and rip the power cord from the computer in a futile attempt to keep the unit from frying out completely.

I had an appointment later that day with a friend/client who owns several companies, one of which is Computer Voodoo. He has bailed me out of several computer catastrophes and I’m hoping for a miracle. As I explain what happened Mike shakes his head and says he will do what he can but if the motherboard was fried the best we can do is pull the files off the old hard-drive and I will have to get another computer.

I’m fortunate that I have this SurfacePro 4 that I use while traveling out with a client, but it is limited. The keyboard is a bit small for my clunky hands and it doesn’t have enough ports for all the peripherals I need for editing videos and the like. It’s functional but it’s not my beautiful purple HP.

Will I recover my files and important information? Certainly. I’m I inconvenienced? No doubt.

Sometimes it’s the things, people, relationships that are the most important that we take for granted. It’s not until they are gone, broken, unrepairable that we realize how important they are in your life.

Find something today that you take for granted and give it/them a little hug to let them know they are important to you.

Live, Love Matter

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