Dawn Patrol – Big Rocket, Big Risk

Spring 1980. Kathie and I love to spend our Saturdays at Cocoa Beach in the Spring. The sand is hot from the sun and the breeze is cool from the still chilly ocean water. Driving to the beach you catch the scent of orange blossoms from the groves that litter the outskirts of Union Park and Bithlo. Life is good.

On this Saturday as we lay on our towels and let the sun kisses our almost twenty-something bodies we notice a crowd of people pointing to the sky. Shading my eyes from the sun that is reaching its noonday peak I see a 747 flying low coming from the south and running parallel to the shoreline.

As the aircraft comes closer I tap Kathie’s arm. “Take a look babe. The space shuttle is strapped to the top of the 747!” “It must be coming back from its landing in California,” she says.

It was a spectacular sight. American technology at its finest. Great Americans pointing and clapping and taking grainy videos with their Sony camcorders. It is a sight I will never forget.

Today on the Space Coast Elon Musk and his Space X company will attempt to successfully launch the Falcon 9 Heavy Rocket. Another new big rocket that carries with it a great risk of failure and great reward if it makes it into space.  

Elon was quoted at a press conference, “If we’re successful with this approach for the Falcon Heavy, game over for other heavy lift rockets,” Musk said during a media conference call on Feb. 5. “[And] it would be a huge downer if it blows up.”

Elon and others like him have a bold dream to make the world a better place. More importantly, they are not afraid to fail. Elon says that if the rocket does blow up it will set the project back six to twelve months. What he doesn’t say is that he will stop trying. I like that.

In my business, there is always a risk of failure. Will the marketing of a home be right for that client? Will the appraisal come in to the contract price?
Just like Elon, I never say I’ll give up. I have certain principles that when applied properly and consistently will work. Sometimes you just must attack it from a different angle.

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