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Heart pounding, legs screaming and feeling sick to my stomach, I round the corner of the Mexico pavilion at EPCOT.  I know that I am near the end of the Disney Marathon and that it will soon be over.  Another marathon in the books.  This won’t be a world record or even a personal best but, at least I know I stretched my limits to finish.

The finish line in sight and despite the urge to toss my cookies on Pluto’s outstretched paw that is hanging there to give me a high five, I cross the finish line exhausted and ready for a cold beer and some wings.  A medal is placed around my neck and I limp back to my car for the ride home.  My time 4 hours and 34 minutes.

In May of last year three men, professional marathoners, Eliud Kipchoge, Zersenay Tadese and Lelisa Desisa made a brave attempt sponsored by Nike to break the 2-hour mark for a full marathon.

That is 26.2 miles.  Doing the math to break the barrier of 2 hours even if by 1 second they must average a 4 ½ minute mile.

The fastest that anyone has run a marathon was done by Dennis Kimetto with a time of 2 hours 2 minutes 57 seconds in 2014 at the Berlin marathon. The fastest man in the group of three is Eluid Kipchoge and his personal best is 2 hours 3 minutes and 5 seconds in 2016 at the London marathon

As you can imagine playing at that level, to shave off even a few seconds requires an attention to detail.  Fine tuning diets, biometric measurements of the bodies efficiencies and where to make small tweaks to squeeze every bit of power and endurance from these athletes.

Watching this documentary is inspiring even if you are not a runner.  Seeing these men stretch their limits reminds us that we all have barriers in life that we must all work hard to break.  Whether it be financial, emotional or in our business life.

I urge you to stretch your limits every day, even just a little bit.  Reach out, take a chance.  Remember it is better to have tried and failed than to never try at all.

So, did any of these men break the two-hour mark?  Watch for yourself on the National Geographic Channel.  Search Breaking2.

I’m curious, what barrier can you break today?  Email me at rex@otownsuperhero.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

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