Dawn Patrol – Calm After The Storm

I read a joke on Sunday evening. “Who is happy about Monday morning on Sunday?” The answer. “Someone who is unemployed.”

This got me thinking about how my current life works. This weekend I ran 8 miles starting at 6am. I then went into the office to train new agents from 10:30 to noon. Then it was on to showing houses from 1pm to 4pm. Sunday was spent showing condos from noon to 3:30pm.

A full weekend and I’m grateful for it. The weekend is when a lot of my showings and listing appointments take place

Monday is my day to catch up on reading, reflect on the week ahead and continue to work on improving my writing. I love my Mondays.

Today is one of my favorite kind of Mondays. Overcast with a good chance of rain most of the day. Perfect for reading and letting the calming sound of the rain hit the reset button on my brain.

Studies from various places of higher education indicate that relaxation is important to good health. The Huffington Post reported on ten health benefits.http://retrue.info/relax

They included: reducing the chance of stroke and heart attack, reduce the chance of depression, and my favorite relaxing helps you make better decisions.

My wife will often tell me, in the midst of a perceived crisis, relax just breathe. And she is right it works.

Often my best ideas and resolutions to a problem come to me during a time of calm.

When dealing with issues regarding my parents’ health I was always able to stay calm and be detached emotionally even when it came to life and death decisions.

I believe the ability to remain calm came from a position of considering what was the best course of action that would keep my parents the most comfortable and honor their wishes to pass away with dignity.

With that purpose in mind, I was able to make difficult decisions with ease.

Mom had a brain aneurysm in January 2015. She and Dad lived in assisted living in Winter Garden at the time. I received the call that the ambulance had been called. “It’s bad Rex.” The nurse at the ALF told me as she broke the news.

When I arrived at the ER, Mom was laying in bed, curled up, in a position I had never seen her take when she slept. The doctors ran several tests over the course of the day.

“Are you related to Della?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, I’m her son?” I replied.

“I see you have the power of attorney and are her healthcare advocate.” He stated bluntly.

“Yes, I’ve been looking after their health matters for about five years now. Can you tell me what is going on?” I ask getting a bad feeling in my gut.

“Mr. Hunter, you have some hard decisions to make today. Let me explain your options.” As he started to check off the various scenarios that could unfold over the coming hours and days.

“Your Mom had a brain aneurysm, a blood vessel broke, she has a massive bleed in her brain.” He continued, “We can take her over to ORMC and try to drain the blood but based on its location there is not any hope that she with either survive the surgery and if she did if we would be able to stop the bleed.”
“Your other choice is to keep her comfortable and we can transfer her to hospice.” And with that, he stopped talking.

I looked at Mom laying there and thought of the good life she had led. In the Army, touring Europe after the war, riding on the back of a Harley with her first husband, all the pots of spaghetti she had made me over the years. I knew what she would want.

“Let’s move her to hospice,” I said after what seemed like an hour to me but apparently was a few seconds in the real world.

“You have made a good decision.” The doctor said as he put a hand on my shoulder. “I wish all of our families were this calm and thoughtful of their loved ones. So many times, the families want us to take heroic measures that don’t make sense for their loved one. All because they are not ready to say the final goodbye.”

My encouragement to you is to relax and take time to reflect on what is important to you and to those you care about. The best decisions are those that you have already anticipated.
Share your story of what is important to you.

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