Dawn Patrol – Can That Even Be Done?

You just can’t do it. It’s never been done. The human body can’t sustain that type of speed.

In the late 1800s, the common belief among scientist was that the human body could not endure going faster than 60 miles per hour. They thought the body would disintegrate.

As the frontiers of the automobile industry were being pushed and the first cars were only capable of going 4 to 6 miles per hour already there were people setting limits.

As we know today we are setting land speed records. The current record is a speed of 763 miles per hour set by Andy Green in a vehicle that looks more like a fighter jet without wings than a car you would have in your driveway.  

In the early1950s the common belief was that the human body could not run a mile in less than four minutes. Roger Bannister broke that record May 6th, 1954. Dr. Bannister passed away this weekend at the age of 88.

Seeing that headline got me to wondering. “How did he do it?” “His body did not morph into a running machine. There was not an extra gene added to his DNA. How is that even possible?”

In doing a little research I discovered two things. One, he had the belief that he could do it. Second, he had a plan, a team behind him.

Dr. Bannister’s strategy was to run with pacers. Teammates would run a portion of the mile with him, so he would keep on pace to complete the full mile in under 4 minutes. Seems simple enough but at the time it was forward thinking.

In my business, I often run into those that believe there is only one way to price a house. The infamous CMA. Comparable Market Analysis.

For the most part, an agent will take three of four houses that have sold in your neighborhood. Then based off square footage and with a few adjustments for amenities of each house determine the price based on the average selling price of those houses in your area.

Boom their’s your price. (I always think..and here’s your sign, an old Bill Engvall comedy routine.)

With my Documented Approach, I have a team whose purpose is to use their skills to derive the most value for your home by creating demand.

Your home is unique.

By presenting it in the best light using my hand-picked team that consists of a home inspector, a stager, a photographer,  and a team of writers we drive the most value for your home.  Opposed to having the market dictate your price.

Share your story.  Have you been told that it just can’t be done?

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