Dawn Patrol – Unintended Consequences

I must admit that I am a FaceBook junkie.  I find it interesting to see what friends and neighbors have on their mind.  And to keep up with high school folks that I remember with their children’s weddings and births.  You know how life is going.

I also take those silly tests.  I’m sure you are familiar with those.  “What was your occupation in the wild west?”  “What will you be doing on Valentine’s Day?”  I am amused at some of the results.  I would have been a judge in the wild west by the way.

I took one of those tests the other day and started a firestorm amongst my family.  Maybe not really a firestorm but more like a rumor mill.

The test I took was “What beautiful message is hiding in your fortune cookie?”   I figured everyone likes to open a fortune cookie even if you don’t care to eat one.  I always open mine after a nice lunch at China Lilly.  And it said beautiful.  Who doesn’t like to get a beautiful fortune?  Seems harmless to me.

I click the link and the “busy circle” starts spinning.  What pops out was beautiful I thought.

You see my daughter is in a committed relationship and a wedding date is planned for January 12, 2019.  The fortune seemed to apply to my daughter.  I know my wife would not want this fortune for herself.  I tag my daughter and that is what started the rumor mill.

The fortune said, “A baby will be added to your family.”  Beautiful, right?

Minutes later my daughter replies with a “Speak No Evil” emoticon.  Her fiance then follows up with a “Hear No Evil” emoticon.  A few friends comment with WOW emoticons.

The fiancee’s sister comments with “No fur babies, we want a real one this time.”

What I thought was a fun post on FaceBook had taken on a life of its own.  One of my wife’s co-workers approached her saying “So you’re going to be a grandmother!”  Fortunately, I had told my wife about the post the day before so she wasn’t caught off guard. “No,” Kathie says “It was just one of my husband’s goofy posts.”

I find in my business that you must deal with only the facts.  Home inspections are an important part of buying and selling a home.  These licensed professionals are a disinterested third party that will give both buyer and seller the facts on the condition of the house.  When selling your home using a Documented Approach keeps you out of the rumor mill and on the right path to a  successful sale.

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