Dawn Patrol

Surfs Up!  Was what we all wanted to hear in the early morning dawn of 1978 Cocoa Beach.

Every morning of that summer my best friend Steve and I would get up, stagger out from our condos at the Atlantique and meet each other by the pool for the short walk to the beach.  Every morning we would hope to see glassy waves at least chest high, knowing the water temp would be in the mid to high seventies.

Most days the ocean was like a lake but, on those special days when the surf gods smiled upon us and gave us the perfect combination of tides, winds and a low-pressure system offshore, it was our little piece of heaven.

It was our routine, our religion.  It started our care-free days, even when there wasn’t surf to be had.  We were consistent even though at that age we weren’t thinking in terms of consistency as a virtue.  It’s just what we did.

In addition to my weekly email, I am starting today a new routine.  A new religion.  A short daily email that I hope will start your day with something to consider, something to inspire.   And maybe just maybe something that will be just as satisfying when Steve and I could turn to each other and shout.

Surfs Up!


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