Don’t Go Breakn’ My Heart

Don’t Go Breakn’ My Heart – Elton John & Kiki Dee ( perhaps one of the worst songs to come out of the seventies)

“But what will the other kids say?” I ask my Dad after I got my hair cut for the first day of school. The sage words from my Dad…”Who gives a shit?!?”

It’s nineteen sixty something and I’m about to start the fiftieth grade. Dad had taken me to Bates Barber shop and Mr. Bates and my Dad decided a crew cut was a great way to start the new school year.

I was not happy and was trying to figure out a way to miss school for the next three weeks so my hair had a chance to grow back. Dad was not having it.

“Go in with your head high and don’t worry about what the other kids say.” he told me later the next morning as I headed out to ride my bike to school.

As it turns out the other kids were more concerned about their own situation.Clothes their Mom made them wear the first day. The cheap ass note book from Woolworth instead of the Partridge Family notebook they really wanted.

I’ve found out that there is no point in conceding power to others because they are in their own world of doubt and hurt.So to paraphrase my Dad “Don’t give a shit and do what is best for you.” You won’t go breaking my heart.Here is your link:

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