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It’s nineteen-seventy something and my friends and I are building a treehouse in a wooded part of Maitland.

“This is going to be the best treehouse ever!” we all agree as we find scrap pieces of wood at each other’s house. “Yeah, man! We can have meetings and eat pizza right there and NO GIRLS ALLOWED!”

As we scrounge for nails and plywood our plans get better by the hour.

We had found the perfect tree in an undeveloped part of our neighborhood. A tree that was made for a treehouse. The branches hung over Lake Minnehaha and gave us a perfect view to watch the rich people water ski and have parties out on the lake.

I must say for kids between the age of 10 and 12 we did a pretty good job. Hanging precariously out on the swaying branches as the breeze off the lake cooled us off in the summer sun, we climbed and hammered for the better part of two weeks. Not to say a few of us didn’t end up in the lake from a misstep or from trying to balance hammering down a board and keeping our footing at the same time.

The work was done and we had several “meeting” in the treehouse until that fateful day. With shock and disbelief as we paraded out to the treehouse with pizza in hand, we discovered that the treehouse had come to a watery death in the lake. Apparently, our skills at home construction were not as astute as we believed.

Looking back at it, we were lucky that none of us were in the structure at the time of its demise.

From that, we went to digging deep holes and making a maze of tunnels in the Gibson’s backyard. How the soft Florida sand didn’t collapse in on us, I don’t know. Again we were lucky.

As a group and individually we were always building, planning, doing.

Today I am building, planning, doing. Those of you that have seen my GRIT workouts might wonder. “What in the world is he posting that for?” Let me pose this idea, that may be appealing to you.

What if you could earn income from doing something you love AND makes you a better person AND makes those who participate better health-wise and financially?

Is there a lot to overcome? Certainly. I and those that choose to participate must be determined and dedicated to purposeful and consistent execution on all levels of body, mind, relationships, and business.

I believe that when your body is not aching from lack of use, overweight, soft, and you fuel your body with the correct nutrition this frees your mind to have greater clarity and concentration.

When your mind is clear you can make better choices and focus on creating better relationships.

When the three previous aspects of life are aligned then the business aspect is easier to manage. Work/Life integration vs. Work/Life balance.

My purpose is to help others achieve that Work/Life integration and to be the best version of themselves as I too work to build a more fulfilling life. I invite you to keep watching as I post results and document the struggles and the wins throughout the coming weeks and months.

Live, Love, Matter

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