Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

It’s just the other day and, one of my office mates mentions she has seen my Facebook posts.

“What is the StoryAthlete Challenge you are doing?” she asks. “Are you doing some crazy exercise every day?” She finishes with “It looks like a lot of work.”

Every day this month our group of StoryAthletes aka Spartans is led online by our trainer CJ. Each day is a different challenge. One day it’s running a 5K stopping each half mile to do an exercise, the next it is a kettlebell work out. Our active rest day is Sunday is stretching for forty minutes. Even the stretching gets me winded.

There is a certain frustration I experience as I’m going through the routines. Our group has an acronym of what I am feeling. FODQ. Frustration, Overwhelm, Depression, Quit.

I think back to my running days. There was a time when a ten-mile run seemed like a short day. Right now I struggle with the 5K run: Frustration My time to complete the distance is several minutes slower than I use to run. Even thinking of the distance gives me butterflies in my stomach: Overwhelm.

What I am determined not to have happen is the Depression and Quit portion of our acronym.

Sure my weaker self could give my body and out. “You are getting older there, Rex.” “You can’t expect to do the activities you did when you were forty at the age of fifty-eight.” “Isn’t there leftover cheesecake from the office party in the fridge.”

All these and a hundred more excuses race through my head on any given day.

It is the learned acceptance of struggle and yes, sometimes failure that I work to embrace. From failure comes our best lessons in life.

As I await my grandson to come into this world, I know that when the time comes he will want to walk. Each one of us has experienced that struggle. The failure of standing, then taking the first shaky step, falling, getting back up.

It is learning from the failure, figuring out what we can do better and most of all getting back up where the magic happens.

The wonderful characteristic each of us has is the ability to adapt, to become better. In my case to re-learn that I can be just a bit tougher to kill each and every day.

This is part of the 1% journey to improve my body, mind, relationships, and business. As I continue my journey and I hope you continue yours we can say “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Live, Love, Matter

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