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It’s current day and my mentor and business partner Ryan asks a question none of us as an adult like to think about.

What was that question? “How many days do you have left and how do you increase your return on time?”

This question gets asked in our society a variety of different ways: “Where would you go if you died tonight?” “What would you do different if you knew you only had one week to live?” I’m sure you have heard them all.

But, have you done the math? According to the CDC the average life expectancy in the US is 78.6 years. They have charts that go into more detail so being a white male age 58 they say I will live another 24.9 years or 9,088 days.

Compared to others in my Storyathlete group who have upwards of 17,000 days a certain reality check kicks in.

I ask myself how many days have I hidden from my own life. Those days were I want to be left alone.
The phone rings or a text comes in and I hesitate to answer because it may be bad news or some type of confrontation that I don’t want to deal with that day.

Or worse yet the inconsequential trivia that makes up a good part of my life.

I am the assistant manager in our office. One of my roles is as a trainer for new agents. How many trainings have I planned an prepared to have no one show up. How many wasted days will I allow to take up my precious 9,000 days left?

How many days are consumed in business meetings attended each year to move forward a company were I don’t have any stock. Will the owners take care of my family when I’m gone? The answer to that is no. Will I be remembered for more than a day or two after my demise by the owners? Will they even attend my funeral?

The days of getting by or doing fine are over. I will now focus on obtaining my highest and best return on time.

With a grandson on the way at the end of this year priorities are changing and a sense of urgency that I have not felt for a while is hitting me like a ton of bricks.

How will I increase my return on time? Reading, writing, reflecting and taking action on the things that are important to me and those around me.

Helping others find their stories and instructing them on how to share their story in a way that will help them define who they are and allow them to gather followers that will buy into what they are selling. “I like that way that guy thinks.”

By crafting messages that resonate with followers that are looking for a path to help them reduce weight, become stronger mentally, strengthen relationships and increase their business through story. To become a Storyathlete.

Helping others in need in my community through elevated philanthropy using Impact Club as a platform.

I have a long path ahead and a short time to get there. 

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