Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues – Danny O’Keefe

Kathie and I were doing out Sunday morning grocery shopping. It is one of our rituals that we both enjoy. A quiet time to talk and plan out our week.

Even the order in which we walk up and down the isles is a ritual. We start by going up the deli and cheese aisle and then back down the next, up and down in order. If we start in the middle of the store everything is out of sync and doesn’t feel right.

Like shaving my face. I start on the left side, I’m left-handed. I then jump to the right cheek, going to my chin, under my nose then onward to the right side of my neck, finishing on the left side of my neck. If I change the order of the routine then I feel off during the entire procedure.

Some days, no matter what, I can feel off. I don’t want to communicate with anybody. I’ll text if I must but, for the most part, I want to be left alone. In my business, this is not a good thing.

Although many may believe that real estate is simply opening doors and writing contracts, there is a lot of communication and relationship building that goes on during the process.

My grandmother use to call it “having the blues.” I also noticed the same type of behavior in my Dad. He often would come into the house from a hard day working at Martin Marietta, eat dinner and then flop in his bed to listen to his oldies station on the stereo. I knew better than to invade his solitude.

I too struggle with “having the blues”. I stop exercising. I eat junk. I drink too much alcohol. I watch too much TV. I get too little sleep. My entire routine gets out of sync.

I haven’t figured out what gets me into this funk. I know when I’ve been in it for far too long when the pants get tight and the bathroom scale begs for mercy.

This month, inspired by my StoryAthlete group, I have started a new protocol of daily exercise, looking at food as fuel instead of a source of pleasure, and continuing to write.

I see the colors of my life-changing from blue to a bright and vibrant orange.

There is power in a strong routine.

Live, Love, Matter

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