Hard Days Night – The Beatles

It was nineteen eighty-something and it is our first assignment in Operations Management at MBA school. There are not too many students in this class. Most of them take finance or marketing.

I like to figure out how things work or figure out how to make a company run better.

This assignment was a computer-based task. Now keep in mind home PCs were relatively expensive so not everyone had one. We had to use the computers at the college to complete the assignment.

I was working full time so classes and homework took place in the evening and this was no exception.

I arrive at the computer lab after class and ask to be assigned a computer. “What class is this for?” the underclassman asks.

“Dr. Smith’s Operations Management class,” I reply, eyeing a computer that is vacant and wanting to get started so I can go home to my wife and kids.

“Sorry, none are available,” he says with a smirk.

Dumbfounded I rebut, “There is one right over there.” pointing to the empty computer station.

Again with the smirk, “Sorry, it’s reserved for one of the professors.”

We go back and forth over how I need access and he is not budging an inch.

I had done my undergrad at the college and I knew there was a computer lab in the science center just across the way. I head over there.

“I need a computer for homework,” I say to the student assistant working the lab.

“Sure, no problem, don’t waste time playing the Dungeons and Dragon game though.” he chides.

I proceed to complete the homework and think nothing of the bump in the road.

At the next class, not a single student had completed the homework assignment. They all told the same story. “When we went to the computer lab in the business basement, they would not let me on.”

The professor looks around the class. “Did anyone do the homework?” I raise my hand. “Tell me, Mr. Hunter, how could it be that you are the only one to get the homework done?”

He was playing the class like an attorney plays a jury. He knew the answer before he asked the question

“I went over to the science building and used their computers,” I say.

“And that is the lesson class. When you are in operations management you find a way to get it done. No excuses.”

As I start the second round of Grit, I must take the same approach.

These next 28 days will be an exercise of figuring out how to get the workouts done between family, work and Christmas festivities. How to resist eating all the wonderful cookies and treat my wife is famous for making during the holiday season.

Day one is done. Bring it on Santa!

Live, Love, Matter

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