Here In My Car, I Feel Safest Of All

Here In My Car, I Feel Safest Of All – Gary Numan?

"You're just trying to sell me on this, aren't you?"  Are words I've never had a client in any of my businesses say to me.

Don't get me wrong, I use to sell medical equipment and I do sell houses but I don't sell, sell houses.   I like the things that money can allow me to do for my family and I do like to eat.  I don't like the process of selling.   I tried being a salesman but, it wasn't me.

As I have warned you about in past letters, there are many bait and switch tactics in this business.  The Lex Luthors of the world that try to get you to abuse people's trust to make a quick buck.  I just couldn't do it.

For a period of time, I would retreat to the safety of my car or not get out of bed at all.  No one can bother you when you are asleep, right?  Pull the covers over your head, turn off the phone and you won't have to pretend to be something you are not. 

When you are in your car you don't have to get out and walk a neighborhood to "door knock", interrupting people's day and being a general annoyance.

The route I am taking is to build relationships through storytelling.  Working my way up to philanthropy to make a positive impact in my community.  Some say "Rex, that is a hard way to go.  You could cold call, door knock, call your sphere to see if they are someone they know is interested in buying or selling a house."    People are successful in using those tactics but at what cost to their relationships both old and new? 

Some would say that that grass is greener using those approaches, it is the model that has been in the real estate industry for generations with proven results.  Thinking about it has me heading back into bed to pull the covers over my head.  Back in the car driving aimlessly to avoid the sole-wrecking feeling those actions would activate. 

So why do I take the seemingly harder road to run my business?  As my Dad used to say oncee I've gone to the "ole spirit world" my children and grandchildren will never say.  "My Dad/Grandpa was the best salesman in Flordia."  Instead they will say "Wow!  Look at all the good works he has done during his life."

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