How Deep Is Your Love?

How Deep Is Your Love – The Bee Gees

“Every superhero has an origin story” Fletcher tells the group of rag tag real estate agents that are looking for a better way to run this less than trusted “profession”. We were members of P/SS (protector/social superhero)

It’s twenty sixteen or seventeen and he hits a chord with me. Why do people become a Realtor?

In my management role I hear all the typical reasons. “I want to make money and I like people.” “I want to control my work schedule and have time to myself.” “I recently bought a house and when I saw how much my Realtor made for the small amount of work he did, I figured I could do better than him.”

Did you notice that each statement is about the agent and not the customer? After they finish I tell them my why for starting in real estate.

It’s a story I use with recruits and especially with customers. My customers have read it at least 111 times. Here is a link

What the story relays is my vulnerability, how I vowed to not allow anyone to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people in the real estate business.

The effect? The story, if they are the type of customer I want, creates an almost instant relationship and trust, making the whole transaction that much easier.

Do some of the potential clients decide not to use my services? Most certainly and that is exactly what I want to have happen.

Love me or leave me. How deep is your love?

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