I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In

I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In – The First Edition

It’s odd how it creeps up on you one day as if by magic, you notice that your double chin is starting to add an addition to the structure and that your towel you wrap around your body no longer wraps with the same amount of extra material it use to.

As I shave my face, I can’t help notice that I don’t really recognize the person looking back at me.

“Honey, I call from our bathroom, Are these the same towels we have always had? I think I must have a size smaller than the usual bath size towel you give me.”

From the front computer room, she yells, “Nope same ones!” Bless her heart she would never come out and say “Hey, Bubba! You are packing on the pounds.” Although we both knew that is exactly what was happening.

It is at that point I have to come clean with myself. “You let yourself get fat…again.”

It was the middle of the winter season of our marathon training program and I could not keep up with the group much less lead it as my position in the program labeled me.

I had every excuse in the book. It’s too cold, it’s too windy, it’s too dark. I knew deep inside that I couldn’t keep up because I had all but stopped training on my own. Showing up on Saturdays and hoping that this one day a week run would not be the death of me.

And the food. Pizza, yes. Beer, yes. Scotch, sure. Fast food from every outlet around me. I was on a downhill slide to Rollie Pollie Rex, in fact, I was already there.

I stepped away from the running group partly because of a nagging case of Plantar fasciitis and partly due to my self-loathing of not training in the manner I knew I should have throughout the running season.

I worked on controlling my diet on my own for several months but I was weak. The Sirens call of wings, beer and peanut M&Ns were too much and I would circum to their call each and every night.

It was then I realized I need a coach. Not a coach like in football or in running but a food coach. I needed someone that would hold me accountable when I wouldn’t hold myself accountable.

I believe the accountability goes hand in hand with what goes unmeasured goes undone. It’s odd that in most situations in life I’m independent. Got a problem? I’ve got it covered. When it comes to the intake of food into my own body and I’m a hot mess.

After much research, I landed with Peak Health in Winter Garden. They are helping with the type of food I eat and redefining how I relate to food as a fuel and not as a source of comfort or as a reward system.

The change has opened up a whole new thought process toward my health and how it relates to my longevity and quality of life. A whole different relationship.

Live, Love, Matter

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