I Know To Use Models

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“Can you grab the go-by?” Dad asks me as we are troubleshooting a piece of medical equipment.

It’s nineteen ninety-something and I am taking readings on the broken unit as my Dad is comparing readings on our known working machine. What we called our “go-by”

It was a means to quickly figure out an issue with a machine, to narrow down the problem, without shotgunning components and hoping we were hitting the right area of the machine.

Using the “go-by” or what could be considered the model made the work go faster and in the repair business the more efficient you can be the more work goes out the door thus the more money you make.

We didn’t realize that we were modeling we just thought we were making a difficult job easier.

I guess that is the purpose of modeling in any facet of life. “Why recreate the wheel?” as my Mom would say.

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