I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found

Have you ever had one of those weeks where all your plans and aspirations of making the world a better place got mired down in the details of life? This has been one of those weeks for me.

My daily email of news, inspiration and observations of life became a two day a week struggle.

Don’t get me wrong all the details are important. Details that
demanded my attention and I’m grateful that I can help sort those details out.

Offers to buy and sell real estate are time sensitive and the smallest detail can cost the buyer and/or seller a lot of money if overlooked.

Contracts in Florida have plenty of hiding places that if gone unchecked, overlooked or ignored can mean the difference between a fair deal, a good deal or a terrible deal for either party to the transaction.

Then there is dealing with the agents. Sometimes I shake my head. “Who are they working for?” I wonder. “If their client knew the shenanigans they were up to they would be fired in a New York minute.”

Here is an email I received after my Buyer put in an offer on a home in Orlando.

“Hi Rex,
Thank you! I spoke with the Seller’s and they would like to counter at $255k. I can tell you that their absolute bottom is $250k, so if you can get your Buyers to meet halfway at $250k then we definitely have a deal.
Let me know what you think,

What??!!?? Here is what I think.

This agent gave away $5,000 of their seller’s money. For what? To get a commission for themselves and get another deal done? In the business, we call this churn and burn. Don’t worry about the client just the almighty commission dollar.

Disgusting! A total violation of trust between the agent and their seller.

Yes, this has been the week that was.

I ask your indulgence while I slay dragons.

I am back on track or as I started this story. I once was lost, but now I’m found.


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