I Practice One To Many

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing – The Seekers

It’s nineteen seventy something and I am holed up in my bedroom listening to my new Lynyrd Skynyrd Album on my stereo.  The thirteen minute guitar solo was starting to crank up.  I in turn cranked up the volume on my stereo.

“Turn that crap down!” my Dad yells from the living room.  Apparently I didn’t have the volume up high enough because I could still hear him over the fine riffs as I beat my fists against my headboard.

The bounding on my locked bedroom door let me know he was serious so I obliged and lowered the volume.  When I finally came out of my room for dinner, the third degree from my Dad started.

“Why do have to listen to that noise so loud?” he quizzed.  “What is it about that song gets you so riled up?”  Dad continued.

“I don’t know Dad.” I try to explain.  “It just connects with me.”  “I can’t be the only one, they are selling millions of records and this is one of their biggest hits.” I mumble as Dad give me a confused look.

I didn’t realize it then but now I realize now that the band had connected with millions of people with one song.

With one song that was recorded in a sound studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama touched and influenced millions of people.  Founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1964 the band continues to survive.  Performing and producing new music.

Imagine the power of that statement.  One song touching millions of people.

As I continue to post my Grit fitness routines, I can only hope that perhaps I can inspire just one person to make diet and fitness a part of their life. 

My hope is that those, like me, want to be a vital participant in the lives of their children, grandchildren and beyond.  People that want to enjoy the post fifty-year-old life and all it has to offer.  People that want to be fit enough to dance with their spouse, dance at the wedding of their children and grandchildren.  People that want to travel and be able to enjoy all this world has to show us.  People that know there is time to be the best they can be now.

I continue to write and hope to inspire.  Some days I hit the mark.  Some days not so much.  I continue to practice, not to perfect but to improve.

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