I’ve Been This Way Before – Neil Diamond

I’ve Been This Way Before – Neil Diamond

Today is the first day in a long time I have challenged myself physically. And it felt good.

Up until four years ago, I had a routine that kept me physically fit. Training for a marathon will do that to you.

In Florida, marathon training for a fall race starts in June. You run at least three days per week starting each day between four a.m. to six a.m. depending on the distance for the day.

Constant, gradual improvement week after week, month after month until you are at your peak condition to run your race. Some runs focus on strength by running hills. Other runs emphasize pace by running track. Long run days are the foundation for endurance. Those three building blocks; strength, pace, and endurance are the foundation for high performance running.

Today I start a journey of building a new type of foundation, similar to marathon training but different. The group of StoryAthletes I am proud to call teammates will focus on Grit.

“What is Grit you may ask?” Grit opens a plethora of possibilities in body, mind, relationships, and business.

By our StoryAthlete in charge
“Without GRIT, nothing is possible. Hard shit requires mental toughness. It requires one to be able to endure pain, mentally, emotionally, physically. So each month, StoryAthletes embrace a GRIT specific regimen to test our mettle. This part of the “StoryAthlete Way” is the destruction of the Lesser Self.”

Over the next 28 days, my teammates led by group leader Mike Turner and made up of myself,
• Remy F
• Doug H
• Shawn L
• Melanie F
• Andrew S
• Jan T
• LaTanya R
will encourage, commiserate and hold accountable each other to develop Grit and to improve our lives and the lives of those who follow our stories.

Ready player one, mission one accomplished.

Live, Love Matter

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