Keep on Truckin – Eddie Kendricks

Keep on Truckin – Eddie Kendricks

“You look great!  What’s your secret?” Mick asks me as we pass each other in the hall in our corporate headquarters.  Mick hadn’t seen me since May of this year and the change in my body is noticeable to him.

It really is a process.  The book The 1% Rule by Tommy Baker has a code that can be applied to anything in life that is important to you.

Before you subscribe to the code you must first make a decision about what is important to you.  My decision, my dedication came by looking in the closet and discovering that most of my clothes did not fit comfortably.  It came to the point where they did not fit at all.  I was faced with the fact that I had to go out to buy a few pairs of “fat pants” and extra large shirts.

I decided at that point that I wanted to be at a healthy weight and body composition.  I want to ensure that I age gracefully and good health is the ticket to get me there.

Once the decision is made there must be commitment.  I needed help.  I needed to detoxify my body that was loaded with chemicals from processed food and booze.  I went to Peak Health in Winter Garden for a plan.  A routine that I could follow day in and day out.

Once I had a plan I must follow through, execute by adhering to the code from The 1% Rule.  That code is:

1.  Fall in love with the process
2.  Do it every single day.
3.  Celebrate your commitment.
4.  Track your metrics and data.
5.  Master your craft.

Yesterday was a case in point.  In our real estate company, we have a monthly manager meeting.  The meeting starts at 9 am and may end a 5 pm.  The broker is kind enough to feed us lunch which is brought into the office.  The thing is that you never know what they are bringing in.  It could be something that fits into my new healthy eating routine or it can be pizza.  I never know.

Old Rex would say what I eat that day is out of my control but in fact, it is in my control.  A little preplanning is all it takes.

Yesterday I packed a healthy lunch to take to the office that was on my plan, just in case.  As it happens the company brought in some grilled chicken and all the fixings to make tacos or tortillas.  I found a bowl skipping the empty carbs from the taco shell and took a heaping pile of lettuce, salsa, and the grilled chicken thus allowing me to share a meal with my co-workers and still stay true to my commitment to my future self.

1.  Fall in love with the process – I enjoyed planing what I could do to stay on course with healthy eating.
2.  Do it every single day – what could have been out of control was reigned into my authority
3. Celebrate your commitment – here is my celebration by sharing this story I hope inspires.
4. Track your metrics and data. – easy, stepping on the scale this morning my weight has gone done again today.
5. Master your craft. – By having small wins, every day, I have mastery over my own health.

So the secret is:  chose something that is important to you, be committed to a slow and steady change,  have a plan that will become your routine and then follow the code from The 1% Rule.  It is serving me well in health and I am finding ways to apply it to other aspects of my life.  More on that in another letter.

Live, Love, Matter

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