Long Train Running – Doobie Brothers

“The finish line is just around the corner!” an enthusiastic marathon spectator shouts in my face as I round the corner to go down Hollywood Blvd in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I know the fan wants to encourage but I also know that the race ends in the EPCOT Parking lot some four miles away.

It is that point in the marathon, a journey of twenty-six and two-tenths of a mile filled with anticipation, smiles, anger, and joy. I had hit the anger point of the run.

I am certain that the fan wanted to spur me on to keep pushing through those last miles but at that moment in time, I want to punch the guy in the face.

“You don’t know what I’m going through!” I think to myself. “Why the hell did I sign up to do this?” I continue with the self-flagellation. “Why does anybody sign up for this torture?”

That scene took place over three years ago. I am proud to say I did finish the race.

As the summer approaches, I find myself missing the challenge of the marathon. Why?

The challenge of the marathon or half-marathon is a test of mind over physical discomfort. Weak Rex can take the pain-free route and choose to quit. “What do I have to prove to anybody anyway?” is a mindset I have been known to adopt.

Strong Rex chooses to adopt the mindset of the warrior. I have something to prove to myself. I can set a goal, do the training and accomplish something that many would not attempt.

Over the past two years, I have been struggling with both the physical and the mental game. I have been fighting two types of plantars. There is the physical pain in my heel from plantar fasciitis and the mental pain of plant my ass on the couch. One fed the other.

This weekend I will meet with old running friends I have not seen for a while and meet with new runners that will become friends and confidants. It is in the comradery of blood, sweat and tears that true fierceness is forged.

What are the stakes? Having never tried to get back to my old running form admits defeat without taking the step out of the door.

What are the long term rewards? They are multiple. Better health, better physique and a better mental attitude about my body, mind, relationships, and business.

Live, Love, Matter

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