Love On A Refrigerator

Love on a Refrigerator
(seeing the love while I’m taking it down)

In my business you hear a lot of stories.  Some of them funny, some of them infuriating and some of them full of love.  There are times when the story is not spoken in words but shown in the pictures of their life.
When you prepare a home for sale one of the cardinal rules is to declutter and depersonalize the living space.  This means removing collections of Disney memorabilia and the like and also means removing many of the cherished family pictures you have collected while living a life well lived.
One would think that when a buyer comes into a home for sale, they would be interested in the square footage, the layout of the home and its condition.  What tends to happen, especially when a lot of the personal family photos are left out, is that the buyer is drawn to those photos.  Pictures of a cruise or some other destination vacation are a particular draw.  “Weren’t we on that ship?” they will ask.  “Remember the time we went to the Grand Canyon?” they well say.  One of my jobs when working with buyers is to bring them back into focus on why we are in the house to begin with.   To discover if this will be the best home for their desired lifestyle.
I have a new listing in the Stoneybrook West community ( and part of preparing the home for sale was for the family to go through this cleaning process.  One thing I have noticed over the years is that much of the family history is found under a slew of magnets on the refrigerator that are holding down the cherished photos and art projects from the kids and grandkids.  While it is obvious to me that the photos must come down, at least during the sales process, it is not something that is on most homeowner/seller’s radar.  This home was no different.
In preparing the home for the scheduled photo shoot, I come into the house and immediately notice that the three of the four sides of their refrigerator are covered from top to bottom with family photos.
As I was taking the photos down, I could see the love that this family has for each other.  There were pictures of the kids and grandkids from the early years of starting grade school to walking across the stage for high school and then college graduations.  Photos of family vacations by the beach and what you could tell were years of fun and affection were on display on the what could be called the “family fridge”.  Folks smiling and laughing and sharing a stolen kiss were there for all to enjoy, so that when the owners where grabbing a glass of milk they could, for a moment, relive the joy of what we call life.
As this week is a celebration of family, either Easter or Passover, I urge you to take pictures of your family.  Add to your “family fridge”.  Share the blessing you have of family and friends.  I know I will.

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