Mind Set – World Order

Mind Shift – World Order

Old mindsets die hard.  There is a time to shift from one belief to another but when is that time?  When is it a shift and when is it quitting?

Earlier this week I spoke to the subject of quitting.

A few years back, I was considering quitting the real estate business.

“Make more cold calls, knock on more doors, have a better USP (unique selling proposition)”  Lex Luther the real estate coach told me.  “Offer a Best Bidder home sale or a free home valuation using our proprietary website.”

It all rubbed me the wrong way. “Lex, isn’t some of this stuff bait and switch?” I ask with a pit in my stomach you get when you know in your soul something is not right.

“You have to be able to get in front of a customer and this is the quickest way to do that,” Lex explained.

I am a Lex Luther dropout.  The strategies went against every fiber of my being and I started to wonder if this was the business for me.  That is when the mind shift started.

The link to the song/video I reference in the title exemplifies visually how one can become stuck in a mindset.  Lock stepped with how society or how an industry can tell you how you should act or how you should think.  The group is from Japan so the lyrics are not understandable to me.  I looked them up.  The lyrics are haunting.

“Beyond this world, leaving behind, discarding, making a journey
The heart of this world, sensing, longing, making a journey”

In my journey to find a better way to run my business, I came across a book titled “Defeat Mega-Agents – Don’t Talk To Anyone Until They Know You Are A Someone” by Ryan Fletcher.  (You can find it on Amazon)

It sounded it interesting and the title struck a chord with me so I ordered it.  Fletch, as he is known,  also has a podcast Agent Marketing Syndicate where he goes into detail on how you can step out of the mold that the real estate industry has cast.

My emails and posts to Facebook and elsewhere are a part of that mind shift.  Letting people know about my past and how I came to believe what I do and why. The ups and downs, the victories and the defeats.   How life, books, and other influences modify my choices not only in business but also in life and how my dedication to improvement continues.

I feel better about this business and look forward to contributing to something bigger than my own self-interests by working to become an inspired storyteller and an “Impact Venture Capitalist”.  You can see the path I am taking to continue on this journey and even join me along the way.

As I continue with just a 1% improvement each day,  I know in my heart and soul no matter how tough the road, this journey is important and well worth any sacrifice.

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