My Business Religion

My Business Religion

I believe that before you even think about doing business with a person you should know a bit about what I call their Business Religion

I grew up in Orlando and my parents believed in the Great American Dream, that each family should have a home of their own. They also believed that real estate is the best method to leave a lasting legacy to their future generations. They in fact acquired quite a few properties throughout Central Florida.

As my parents grew older I realized that I would need protect that legacy from the “unethicals”. Those that would try to tempt them with quick cash or even worse reverse mortgages that would jeopardize their financial freedom. I studied and continue to educate myself to the tricks and tactics that some may use to jeopardize YOUR financial freedom, YOUR legacy. I see myself as the protector of buyers and sellers from the “unethicals”

As a child growing up in Central Florida in the 60s and 70s, one of my heroes in life was Batman. Batman is a protector of the citizens of Gotham. He protects them from the no-goods and those who would do harm to the innocent. Heck, I wear a Batman ring even today to exemplify my duty to the public.

This is my promise to you. First, I always ask lots of questions about you and those you care about. Why? The purchase or sale of a home is not just about bedrooms and bathrooms. This is a life-changing event in most folks’ life. You are choosing a lifestyle that will affect you for years to come. When I know what is important about buying or selling your home to you, like a Sherpa guiding you up the mountain, I can guide you in the right direction.

Second, the purchase or sale must make financial and emotional sense for you. When purchasing a home you do not want to be “house poor”. This is a condition where you are working all week just to be able to make your house payment but, you can’t enjoy your life. Going out to dinner from time to time, taking vacations and the like. In the same regard, when you are selling your home, you need to know that you have a proper exit strategy to make the transition from your existing home to your new home an enjoyable experience.

Third, the purchase or sale must be carefree. In real estate, surprises are usually not a good thing. Like that Sherpa guiding you up the mountain, you will always know what is going to happen during the transaction. Wayne Gretzky the great hockey player, when asked how he was so good replied “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” By knowing what to expect you will eliminate the anxiety that those who are unknowingly reacting often experience.

If you like what you hear, I am happy to sit down with you, start that conversation and find out if we can work together to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Thank you for taking time to read this letter!

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