Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain!

The Wizard of Oz was always a childhood favorite.  Most of my friends liked the Scarecrow but, I felt an affinity for the Wizard of Oz himself.

The scene that I found most revealing is when Dorothy and the gang figure out that the mighty and powerful Oz is simply a common man that is hiding behind the smoke and images projected on the screen.

In reality, he is behind the curtain pushing buttons and pulling levers to maintain the façade of the powerful Wizard.

In real estate there are many trainers, coaches and gurus.  They present their version of what the industry has accepted as the norm for how a Realtor is to conduct his business.

The basic protocol for Realtors to gain business is: call your friends and family, go knock on doors in the neighborhood, do drop-bys with some type of marketing piece like calendars or flower pots, send mail-out cards with cute slogans like “Everything I touch turns to sold”.  You get the picture.

Basically, be a beggar and a pest.

My interest in real estate came from my parents.

My parents owned several properties and my Mom had been in real estate for a short period of time in late seventies.  She was not successful in real estate in terms of hounding her friends and neighbors to buy or sell real estate.  She never door knocked, she did not spend hours on the phone begging for business.

When I started this business, I was not successful either for those same reasons.  Oh, I tried the door knocking.  Quite frankly it gave me a sick queasy feeling in my stomach.  The feeling you get when you back into someone in the parking lot of Target.

When I hear other agents talk about the 100 phone calls they made that morning, I think:  Are you in the business to help people, to protect them, to guide them?  Or, are you really a telemarketer in disguise hiding behind the curtain of the boiler room call center?

I picture the “Wolf on Wall Street” scene with the manager throwing hundred-dollar bills at the sales-holes and ordering up cocaine and strippers.  It’s all a debaucherous party held at the expense of unsuspecting clients.

I can’t be that person.  I won’t be that person. I won’t let others treat my friends, neighbors and those I care about in such cavalier way.

My purpose, my sole reason for getting into real estate was to protect my parents.  And today my sole purpose is to protect those I represent and building personal relationships.  Building friendships not just “getting the sale.”

I know even beyond this I have a bigger purpose and that my friends, is something I will reveal in the coming weeks and months.

Until then, make sure no one is hiding in the dark and pulling the levers in your life.

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