Please, Please Me Do

Please, Please Me Do – The Beatles

“You are too nice a guy, Rex.” the manager at my office has told me on several occasions. I’ve heard this not only from her but from several people in both my personal and professional life.

“I’m just trying to get along and help out where I can.” is often my reply.

Recently, I’ve changed my perspective. I realized that I was putting off my mission-critical projects.

Hopes and dreams, plans and strategies for how I want to leave this world a better place for my wife, kids and future generations of my family. The impact that I want to have on the community where I was born and raised. All displaced by a false sense of importance that I would feel by being recognized for helping out on a micro level. Like Don Quixote chasing windmills, substitutes for what really matters in the worldview.

My story the other day, If I Could Save Time In A Bottle, spoke to this point. Prioritizing the time you spend on what is important. You controlling the value of your time not accepting the value that someone else places on it.

This does not mean I have to be a jerk. If I’m going to the store and you ask me to grab a loaf of bread, no problem. But if you then ask me to deliver the bread to you some five miles out of my way, the new “prioritized” Rex will grab the bread and relay that you can drop by my house to get the groceries.

I’ve come to realize that there are many ways to make money or be successful, whatever that means to you. But, the one thing we can’t make more of is time. Treat your time like the precious and rare jewel that it is.

Live, Love, Matter

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