Revolution – The Beatles

It was nineteen seventy-something and the first-semester report card was sent home to my parents along with a note from the teacher.

I was a solid C student most of my elementary education and I was “ok” with that. Mrs. Carter, my teacher, was not.

The handwritten note to my parents was in good form. Mrs. Carter started with how much she enjoyed having me in the class and how she looked forward to a great 5th-grade year with all the students in the class.

Then the death blow was made.” Rex has much more potential than he indicates in class. He needs to be more attentive in class and needs to actively participate.”

This was all my Dad had to read. “What’s the matter, Sport.” That is what he called me when he was either extremely happy with me or extremely angry. I know this was not the happy tone of “Sport”.

“Don’t you pay attention in class?” he accused more than asked.

“I don’t talk during class, I just put my head down on my desk,” I replied, thinking this would shorten the lecture I was certain was about to be bestowed on me.

“I’m not sending you to school to sleep, boy.” he continued “You will end up digging ditches if you don’t do well in class.”

To my Dad, digging ditches was a fate worse than death.

Digging ditches was not the issue that bothered me, it was the statement “Rex has much more potential.”

No one likes to be told they are not pulling their weight.

When you don’t pull your weight, things worse than digging ditches can happen.

Don’t pull your weight with your spouse? It can end in divorce.

Don’t pull your weight at work? A pink slip is in your future.

Don’t pull your weight with your mental health? There is a whole industry built on prescribing happy pills.

Don’t pull your weight with your body? Look forward to “big boy” pants and large hospital bills.

Part of the StoryAthlete Challenge is to ensure that you will reach your full potential at any age Folks that work full time or part-time. Men, women, single or married.

The StoryAthlete Challenge is for anyone that wants to find a proven method to reach their full potential in four areas, body, mind, relationships and business.

Our next Challenge starts on December 4th. I will be there and I invite you to start your 1% journey to reach your full potential. Now is the time to defeat your Lesser Self and find your Heroic Self, to go from Be vs. Becoming.

Only with Challenge is there change.

“You say you want a revolution. Well, come on. We all want to change the world.”

The hell with New Year’s resolutions. Start now!

Here is a link for more information and proof that you can do it too!

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