Taken’ Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

It’s one of those hot Florida summer days where no one should be outside much less working in the yard. I had started cutting back tree branches early in the morning but not so early as to tick off my neighbors. After three hours of trimming, cutting, and stuffing branches into garbage bags, I was ready to call it a day.

In my business, your phone is your lifeline. Someone from clients, to vendors, to other agents, can call unexpectantly and I do my best to be available to handle questions or in general, take care of business.

I was on top of a ladder trimming the top of a ligustrum and the phone in my pocket goes off. I make the ringtone a happy tune and “Dancing in the Moonlight” starts chiming away.

“Hello, this is Rex can I help you,” I say while quieting the electric hedge clippers and balancing on the ladder.

“Hi!, this is Ralph the Realtor and I’m outside your listing and I have my clients here with me and I want to know if I can access the house?”

“Well, Ralph the Realtor, what address are you in front of?” I inquire. He gives me the address. I know that the house is unoccupied although there is still furniture in the house. The home was part of an inheritance and the family did not have the heart to move their parents’ personal items.

I continue, “And who are you with?” Ralph proceeds to give me the name of his company and then goes on to fill me in with his credentials

Ralph lets me know, “I’m number one in Orange County for Brand X Real Estate and number five in the state for the same company. I do over two hundred deals a year and I’m on track to do two hundred and fifty this year. By the way, do you think your seller will take $250,000 for the house?”

“Ralph”, I say with the most patient voice I can muster “One, I never make those kinds of decisions for my clients, two, I never take verbal offers and three, you haven’t even seen the house yet. Take a look and then put in a written offer. I will present it to the seller as soon as possible.”

Ralph was taken back a bit. “Oh, well I don’t like to waste my time putting an offer together if you don’t think the Seller will accept it. But if my buyer wants the house, I’ll make this one exception for you.”

“That’s wonderful, Ralph,” I state in a deadpan voice. I look forward to receiving the written offer soon.

I hang up the phone and wonder. Does he really get other agents to concede to poor business practices? Does he believe that the number of transactions he does makes him immune to the Real Estate laws in Florida?

When agents in our office ask to work with me, it’s never an automatic “yes.” The overbearing, braggadocious agents that believe the rules are for everyone else but not for them will never be on the team I am a part of.

I work with people like Daisy Rodriguez that have the buyer’s or seller’s best interests at heart. I look for agents who have my back and they know I have theirs. Who know to keep the personal details of the client to themselves.

By staying to these basic convictions I know that the results will always be positive for all parties involved.

Live, Love, Matter

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