The Games People Play – Joe South

It’s early two-thousand and something as I limp into the office where my parents and I have our family business.

My Mom looks up from her computer screen having watched me struggle to get to my feet and out of my car. As I pass the threshold I’m greeted with “I hope you are done with that foolishness. You look miserable.”

“Right, Mom.” I reply. “Now that I run a marathon, I’m going to start smoking and drinking everyday.”

She gives me the Mom look that we all know too well and shoots back with “I’m not saying that but, you could have had a heart attack out there and then where would we all be? Kathie and the kids, not to mention the business.”

I ignore her as I shuffle by her desk in zombie-like fashion, going into my office to joyfully suffer in silence.

According to 2012 statistics only 1/2 of 1% of the US population will have run a marathon. 26.2 grueling miles that is a mix of thrill, joy and a good mix of what the hell was I thinking.

Since that day I have run over twenty marathons and at the start line of each one I wonder what am I trying to prove?

To get to that start line you must commit to begin your training four to six months before the race date.

If you are going to run a marathon anywhere between October to January this means training begins in June. In Florida the average temperature in the morning is 78 to 80 degrees with 90% humidity. Training runs start anywhere from 4am to 6am Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you are training using the Hanson Method you are running six days per week.

As much as running 26.2 miles seems impossible if you have never run more than a I mile, with he right training and a band of likeminded companions the thrill of long distance running and the health benefits it provides can be yours.

I always like the made up word of “account-abil-a-buddies”. These are the folks that share in your commitment and won’t let you off the hook with weak excuses of why you skipped a run that day.

Why do people run marathons? Some to prove to themselves they have the grit, some to honor a loved one but they all share the same story.

The story they tell themselves that they can do it.

In the end, it’s the stories we tell ourselves each day that push us forward to achieve the goal we set in our lives whether it be in our body, mind, relationships or our business.

Live, Love, Matter

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