Time After Time

Time After Time – Cover by Eva Cassidy (great interpretation)

“There are starving kids in China that would be thrilled to have the dinner that you refuse to eat!” my Mom states in a disappointed voice as I start at a plate of beets. Still not palatable to me some fifty years since that night in nineteen sixty something.

She finally lets me off the table and shakes her head as scrapes the uneaten food off the plate and into the garbage, “What a waste!, go to your room.” still disappointed in her son that night.

I think of the times I have wasted the many gifts given to me by people that have crossed my path through the years and sense my own disappointment.

Business opportunities not taken, friendships that I have let slip through the cracks of “being too busy”, adventures not taken, time wasted by feeling like “I’m not good enough.”

I will turn 59 this weekend and I know that if I am to consider this mid-aged I will need to up my game to make it to 120 years old.I will need to make better use of the resources I have at my disposal.

I will be a better steward of my body, mind, relationships and business.I know that change is a matter of prioritizing my most precious resources a matter of consistent improvement, time after time.

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