To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn – The Byrds

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn – The Byrds

In our fast-paced lives seldom do we take a moment to reflect on how far we have come.

The past two years I have been changing the way I approach my personal life and my business life. Thanks to a group of like-minded entrepreneurs of Impact Venture Capitalists. These Spartans pull me forward, leading the way, in the process of becoming a better person, a better citizen and a contributor to something bigger than myself.

It really has been the last three months that I have left the safety of the shore and have started to venture out into the open waters to discover new adventures. The journey takes me into four distinct areas of concentration. Allow me to update you on my progress through mind, body, business, and relationships.

Books feed our mind and Amazon is the server that brings the food. Ask Kathie, most every other day she is greeted at home with an Amazon package containing a new book. “You’ve got another book!” she will shout from the front door.

I’ve been consuming books about entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and John Mackey to decode how they started with nothing to make multi-billion dollar companies. Historical and political figures like Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump, John McCain and even Adolf Hitler to gain insight into how they influence mass groups of the population. Books about mindset from Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, and James Smart.

In writing these stories, these IODs (Impact of the Day) I read about an area of interest and based on that influence I will reflect then write the IOD. The struggle of writing every day is challenging. Often I have failed. More often I have gotten back up and started over again. Life is like that.

After over sixteen years of running, I am taking a season off. Some of it due to a nagging injury but most of it due to my lack of dedication to my own body.

I was selfish. I didn’t think about the long-term effects overindulging would have on my relationships with my wife, my children, and future grandchildren. Imagine how sad it would be to be unable to play with the “grands” or be unable to enjoy all the activities Central Florida has to offer. I was turning in to the Jabba the Hut of my family. Some leader. That has changed.

Over the past three months and thanks to the help of Peak Health, I have gone from a ridiculously high of 235 pounds to 185 today. I still have a way to go to get to my target of 170. There are good days and better days like anything else. With the new knowledge gained and consistent behavior, the weight is coming off.

I will be back to running coming the next running season. Look out MarathonFest


One of the results of the IODs and writing, in general, has been a more consistent communication you, those I care about.

All of you know my ups and my downs, the good and the bad and sometimes the humor that encircles all of our lives. I’m not just the guy you know in real estate, I’m the guy that faces many of the same problems you do. Aging parents, empty-nesting, planning for the future and looking back at some of the crazy events that life has brought.


Many of you receive this as an email and many more will see this on FaceBook. When I first started pulling back the curtain I thought “Who will read this?” “Will it have an effect on anyone?”

I am amazed at how many of you reach out, comment. There are times when I see you at the store take the time to share your life based on something I have written. I cherish the deepening of friendships and after all, isn’t that the stuff of which life is made.

I am grateful to you all who take time out of your day to share my journey and to share yours with me.

I encourage you to pull back that curtain. We all have a unique story to tell, share it with the world.

Live, Love, Matter

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