We Are The Champions

 I Know The Importance Of A Tribe
We Are The Champions – Queen

“You can do it!” some one shouts from the curb down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

It’s early two thousand and something and I’m running my first marathon.

The Disney Marathon is always a must do, especially in the Orlando area.

To train for the marathon I had joined a running group organized by a local store named Track Shack.

They match you up with other runners that have the same pace as you and you train together from June to January. These people become your tribe.

Those who suffer together share a bond that others who do not share that experience don’t understand. One of our mottos is “What happens on the run, stays on the run.”

There are good days and bad but one thing you can count on is that someone from your group, read tribe, is going to help you through the run.

Sometimes it’s just an encouraging word, sometimes it is sharing some nutrition and most of the time it is simply carrying on a conversation so that that long miles go by without you noticing how much pain you are in.

The importance of these people can not be underestimated and certainly can not be measured.

Here is your link: https://youtu.be/04854XqcfCY

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