What Are Your Intentions?

There she goes. My baby girl that had my heart wrapped around her finger from her first breath of life. She’s getting ready for her first date. As a father, you always wonder what are the intentions of the young man that is dating your daughter.

I would play the part of the protective father and always meet the boy on any of her first dates.

As they entered my house I would ask “What is the plan for tonight?” The usual response was “We are just going to the movies and getting something to eat after, sir”

“Alright, just make sure she is home by 11.” In my gruffest Dad voice.

“Yes sir, no problem.” They would say as their voice cracked.

I’ve been reading a book by Brendon Burchard. The tile is High Performance Habits.

One of the first topics that Brendon tackles is intention. In regard to the social setting, he says “High performers have clear intentions about how they want to treat other people… He finds that High Performers ask questions like:

1. How can I be a good person or leader in this upcoming situation?

2. What will the other person need?

3. What kind of mood and tone do I want to set?

What is apparent across all high performers is that they anticipate positive social interactions.”

As we have entered the last quarter of 2017, I see more and more ads for real estate coaching. The pitch is “Is this year going to be as good as last year? Do you want to make more money in 2018 than you did in the year past?” “We’ve got the coaching program for you!”

I hear this is similar in different fields. Whether it be dentists, accountants, attorneys. No matter your profession there is someone that has the secret sauce to make your income increase with their special techniques.

You may have seen some of this coaching being used on you.

The Facebook ad from your friend in the real estate business. “Our office is having a contest and I need your help.” It starts. “If you can introduce me to 10 of your friends, I’ll let them know about the service I provide.”

You must ask. What is their intention? Is it to help people or help themselves. Where is their business religion? Why did they get started in the business?

Always ask what is the intention of the person you about to do business.


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