You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

“Man Rex, you use a lot of lyrics from songs in your stories.” one of my friends mentioned the other day.

It’s funny how the mind works.  I’ll hear a conversation or read a book and think “That reminds me of a song.”  I imagine that most lyrics come from a life experience of the songwriter.  I know that is true of many of the balladeers of our time.  Neil Diamond, Carole King, James Taylor, Carly Simon.  Many of their songs are about relationships that have come on gone.  These writers, Neil and Carole, James and Carly, were lovers at one time that went their separate ways and then wrote a song about the experience.

The lyrics that have been running through my head this week come from The Rolling Stones.  “You can’t  always get what you want.” For the most part, I have gotten much of what I wanted in life good education, wonderful wife, marvelous children, a nice home and lord knows I haven’t missed many meals.  I should be satisfied.

As the other Rolling Stones song goes, “I can’t get no, satisfaction.”  Why is that?  What do I need?

I was offered an opportunity to advance in my career this week.  Most would have jumped at the opportunity, but within seconds of hearing the offer, I knew it was not for me.  It did not resonate with where I see myself in the next ten years.  The time it would take away from what I continue to discover as my true purpose.

Right now that true purpose is in a state of flux.  I know I want to take care of my wife and children, even though they are adults, and future grandchildren.  I spoke with my financial person Gray Hudson and I’m putting several financial foundations in place that will provide for them.  But is that all I am?  A source of security for my immediate family.

There must be more.  I have a platform available to me through Impact Club®to help create a movement of Impact Venture Capitalists whose purpose is to help make the greatest impact on our community, cause, organization or business.

Before I can make this bold move I must prove myself to the other Impact Venture Capitalists.  Proof through writing consistently, with meaning, making a connection with those who read my message.

Some days are better than others.  Quite frankly, this week has been spotty at best.  Each day brings us all the opportunity to be a better version of ourselves.  Today is one of those days.

And as the rest of the song goes. “But if you try sometimes well you might find You get what you need.”

Live, Love, Matter


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